The Philanthropy Forecast is Mixed, with a Heavy Chance of Bummer

Ahhh…June…. Ice cream trucks started rolling. Pools opened. Gardens grew (at least before the heat waves). And the philanthropy world celebrated its annual wave of data geekery. Unfortunately, the data showed a mixed forecast for philanthropy, with a heavy chance of bummer. Giving USA 2012 reported overall charitable giving only rose 0.9% in 2011 when [...]

Philanthropy Buzzword Bingo (updated)

Lucy Bernholz, one of my favorite philanthropy consultants (and self-described Philanthropy Wonk) just published her Top 10 Philanthropy Buzzwords list.  She annually tracks the words and phrases that are picking up steam in the philanthropy, nonprofit, and social enterprise arenas.  If you look at her past lists, most have stuck around and/or evolved. To pay [...]

Whom do you trust to lead community improvement?

Whom do you trust to lead community improvement? This question keeps rolling through my head as I’m participating in the Growing Social Impact for a Networked World conference. It’s not an easy question. It gets to the heart of a person’s values, upbringing, work history, own sense of self-control, and more. And, it’s a tough [...]

Creating Shared Value Between Grantmakers and Grantees

I just read the Harvard Business Review article “Creating Shared Value” by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer (also here) and highly recommend it.  (Thanks to Paul Shoemaker at Social Venture Partners for the tip.) The article makes the case for businesses to create shared value – “policies and practices that enhance the competitiveness of a [...]