Would Your Nonprofit Succeed With Donors Who “Give With Purpose”? (part 2)

Written for Philanthrogeek.com and cross-posted at http://www.philanthrogeek.com/creative-fundraising/nonprofit-succeed-donors-give-purpose/ Let’s try a quick exercise: pull up the website of your favorite nonprofit. Can you answer any of these questions based on the information on that site? Does the nonprofit demonstrate familiarity with evidence and best practices related to the need it addresses by citing research, data, reports, past [...]

Why Your Grant Proposal Is Unwanted

Question: If you had $1 million or even $5 million to give away to charities, would you want to be bombarded by grant proposals from organizations you’ve never met? Be honest… Over the past couple months, there’s been another debate about the merits of strategic philanthropy. The typical pundits have been involved. Bill Schambra, Pablo [...]

Why Your Evidence Is Ignored

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” - Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest  Thanks to the wonders of social media (specifically Darin McKeever’s Twitter feed), I just read a fascinating article – Why Policymakers Ignore Evidence – by Gerry Stoker, Professor of Politics and Governance at the University of Southampton, U.K. Stoker’s [...]

Right Money, Right Time, Right Purpose

or...All You Need is Cash Ages ago, I took economic development finance and nonprofit finance classes. I now can’t run a detailed pro forma if you stuck a loaded spreadsheet to my head. But the basic concepts have been tugging at my brain as I’ve followed news about three issues. First, the United Way of [...]