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“We all so valued the time with you during our recent board meeting. You delivered the perfect set of materials for our audience!” – Michelle Knapik, President, Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation

“I can say Tony Macklin served our foundation and our family with great diligence and competence and administrative skill.  He led us to become a more professional foundation. He introduced us to many new foundation policies, such as learning and giving circles. He taught us how to investigate and understand the qualities of various grantees. And he prodded us to introduce more effective and long-lasting philanthropy practices. Finally, after only a few months in his time with us, he came to know the names and backgrounds and characters of each and every member of the 12 senior and 18 next generation trustees, certainly a complicated task that in the end proved to be an important part of his leadership of our foundation.” – Richard M. Hunt, senior-most Trustee, Roy A. Hunt Foundation

“Tony is a great people- and dot- connector, constantly turning up good information and sharing good ideas. He’s also a skilled facilitator who can get things moving and keep them that way – an essential skill set as executive director of a family foundation with nearly 30 trustees spanning three generations. He brings excellent experience and deep knowledge of philanthropy, especially family philanthropy, to his consulting practice.” – Barbara Taylor, Executive Director, Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania