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Working at the intersection of meaningful giving and community results

About my work

We all feel called to make a difference – as individuals and through organizations and businesses. We see opportunities for a better world. We act. We give and invest. We persuade others to get involved. Slowly and surely, lives and places are transformed. The transformation inspires us to do more and the cycle repeats. 

It seems so simple, and sometimes it is and should be. Often, that simple start grows into a call for longer-term, purposeful, collaborative action. That’s when things get really exciting. And, when new questions and sticking points emerge.

That’s where I come in. I help generous donors, families, funders, and their advisors and associations answer questions about purpose, resources, strategy, and assessment.

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I develop strategies and plans to clarify issues such as purpose, governance, resources and vehicles used, family and stakeholder engagement, and impact goals and measures.

Ongoing Advising

I provide ongoing, on-call advising services to help donors and funders improve their philanthropy’s meaning, effectiveness, and impact.

Educating & Facilitating

I develop educational materials, webinars, and workshops to improve philanthropic practices and knowledge. I also respond to media requests for insights.

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