Whom do you trust to lead community improvement?

Whom do you trust to lead community improvement? This question keeps rolling through my head as I’m participating in the Growing Social Impact for a Networked World conference. It’s not an easy question. It gets to the heart of a person’s values, upbringing, work history, own sense of self-control, and more. And, it’s a tough [...]

What I Learned About Networks at Summer Camp

What do funders really want from networks? I heard one set of honest answers to this question this summer as I wrapped up consulting for the Lumina Foundation for Education.  "Camp" was actually the session “Funder Perspectives on Investing in Networks” that I had the honor to facilitate for Lumina’s partners and grantees in its KnowHow2 [...]

Building Effective Networks

I’ve recently been repeatedly encountering the concept of building strong networks. First, through my work for the Lumina Foundation for Education, I’ve gotten to know Paul Vandeventer.  Paul is the CEO of Community Partners and co-authored Networks That Work with Dr. Myrna Mandell.  The book is a short, “must read” guide on developing and managing [...]