Off Hiatus

I took a hiatus from blogging as I settled into my job as executive director of the Roy A. Hunt Foundation earlier this year.  I continued commenting on the world of philanthropy through on Twitter and LinkedIn.  I'll continue to use those outlets more frequently but will pick back up on occasional blogs.  My viewpoints on all [...]

Neighbor Power Lessons for Effective Giving

What does effective neighborhood empowerment have to do with effective, meaningful giving? It turns out more than I thought. I recently re-read “Neighbor Power:  Building Community the Seattle Way.”  The 2004 book describes the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods’ work in empowering citizens to improve their blocks and neighborhoods.  Author Jim Diers is the former director [...]

New Blog

I've just launched my consulting website and will try my hand at blogging about once a week.  I'll be tracking news and resources in meaningful giving and achieving community results and likely reflecting on the work I'm doing. I'd love to hear your feedback on things you agree or disagree with!