What does your family need your foundation (or DAF) to be?

What does your family need your foundation (or DAF) to be?

Congratulations! You have a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) or Family Foundation, perhaps set up by your advisors in response to changing tax rules. Let’s call it a tool. Why do you want that tool? What jobs do you want to accomplish (beyond tax avoidance)? Have you been handed a hammer when you really need to screw [...]

Are generous families and their advisors prepared for the future?

Generous families and business owners have many people serving as their advisors. They range from attorneys and wealth managers to the staff of community foundations and family foundations. Each brings a different perspective on the value and use of money and other assets. But what those families and business owners are really seeking is help [...]

Share Your Voice in the Trends in Family Philanthropy Survey

How do philanthropic families involve younger generations in giving? How do those families think about strategy, impact, and legacy? How are they using staff, advisors, and services such as Donor-Advised Funds? Which financial and volunteer roles are family members taking? There is surprisingly little data on these and other characteristics of philanthropic families. That will soon change, [...]