Philanthropy Bookshelf Additions

Philanthropy Bookshelf Additions

When I returned to consulting, I thought I’d have more time to blog. As the first few months have unfolded, that didn’t happen. Instead, two big projects consumed my reading, research, and creative energies. You might find some of the books useful additions to your own reading list and digital or physical bookshelf. I was [...]

Are Your Trustees Satisfied?

I’m always interested in why donors choose different means of formalizing their giving and the ever-expanding set of options they have to do so. Because of that, I read the Center for Effective Philanthropy’s recent report What Donors Value: How Community Foundations Can Increase Donor Satisfaction, Referrals, and Future Givingand related blog posts. In a [...]

What Does Your Community’s Social Economy Look Like?

What if you convened a group as diverse as codefest winners, giving circle donors, librarians, start-up leaders, and fundraisers? And what if you asked them to describe all the ways they spend time and money for the public good?  We did just that in Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago. The Philanthropy Forum at GSPIA and [...]

The one where the philanthropy data geeks got it wrong

I guess you have to commend philanthropy’s paper of record - the Chronicle of Philanthropy - for trying to make fundraising data exciting with its January 17 article, Group Estimates Philanthropy Rose 13% in 2013, Clashing With ‘Giving USA’. The article pitted estimates of charitable giving from the relatively new Atlas of Giving against the [...]