Facilitating and Training

NCFP panel

I am frequently asked to design, facilitate, and deliver learning opportunities, ranging from webinars and workshops to longer learning communities. Typical topics include: navigating 21st century philanthropy trends and tools, managing family philanthropy dynamics, risks and biases in philanthropic decision-making, strategic grantmaking and philanthropic leadership initiatives, impact investing basics, developing and delivering philanthropic services, and donor and funder engagement. I’ve uploaded a few example presentations on SlideShare.

For philanthropic families and their advisors

For grantmakers

  • Spark Session Webinar Series2016-19, National Center for Family Philanthropy Community Foundation Network (co-designer and moderator)
  • The glitter and scrutiny of donor advised funds and the connection to community foundation business models – June 2019 Community Foundations of Canada Conference
  • Midwest Community Foundation Gathering: Impacting the Economic Health and Vitality of our Communities – April 2018 (facilitator)
  • Place-Based Impact Investing2019 Colorado Impact Days (facilitator)
  • What Should We Stop Doing? Honing a Disciplined Strategy – 2018 National Conference for Growing Community Foundations
  • So You Want to Engage Next Gen? Lessons in Engagement, Straight From the Source – 10/17/18 Tri-State CF Partnership Webinar
  • The Risk of Taking Risks in Philanthropy2018 Indiana Philanthropy Alliance Conference
  • Aligning Community Leadership with Foundation Strategy Deep Dive Day, 5/10/18, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance
  • Aligning Community Leadership with Foundation Strategy: Damn This is Hard – 3/20/18, CF United 2018 
  • Grantmaking 101 – 3/14/18, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance
  • Private Foundations and Impact Investing –  2017 Colorado Impact Days
  • Community Foundation Boot Camp – 11/17 in Fort Wayne, 8/17 in Boston, 5/17 in Iowa, 8/16 in Denver, 4/16 in Indianapolis (trainer and curriculum developer)
  • Navigating Trends in Family Philanthropy and Top 10 ways to position your community foundation to serve philanthropic families –  2017 Conference for Growing Community Foundations
  • Grantmaking 201 Strategic Philanthropy Module – 9/26/17, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance
  • Navigating Trends in Family Philanthropy Master Class and Top 10 ways to position your community foundation to serve philanthropic families – Community Foundations of Canada 2017 Belong Conference
  • Navigating Family Philanthropy Trends – 2017 AdNet Conference
  • How Philanthropic Families and Community Foundations Successfully Partner – 2017 Florida Philanthropic Network Statewide Summit on Philanthropy
  • Planning Ahead for Clearer Impact – Iowa Council of Foundations 2016 CONNECT Community Foundations Conference plenary
  • Building an Effective Affiliate Board and Your Board as Resource Builders– webinars for community foundation affiliates, 7/13 and 8/10/16, Iowa Council of Foundations
  • Our Weirdly-Wired Brains: The Neuroscience of Grantmaking and Giving –  Indiana Philanthropy Alliance 2016 Statewide Conference
  • Navigating Family Philanthropy Trends and Effective Relationship Management and Stewardship with Philanthropic Families – 2016 AdNet Conference
  • Foundation Impact Investing Trends in SW PA – 11/18/15, Grantmakers of Western PA
  • Placemaking Funders Forum – 10/12/15, Project for Public Spaces (co-designer and facilitator)
  • Strategic Grantmaking Deep Dive Day – 4/22/15, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance
  • Next Philanthropy Networking Social for giving circles – 11/6/14, Grantmakers of Western PA and SVP Pittsburgh (co-designer and facilitator)
  • Inaugural Placemaker Funders’ Forum – 9/9/14, Project for Public Spaces (co-designer and facilitator)
  • Community Development and the Arts: A Scary Smart Combination – 10/31/13, Grantmakers of Western PA (co-designer and facilitator)
  • Community Foundation College Success Learning Community – 5/1/12, Council of Michigan Foundations (toolkit researcher, designer, facilitator, speaker)
  • KH2GO Learning Community: Sustaining the Core, Building From Strength – July 2011, Lumina Foundation for Education (co-designer, co-facilitator, documenter)
  • KH2GO Learning Community: Building Sustainable Network Power – Nov. 2010, Lumina Foundation for Education (co-designer, co-facilitator)
  • On the Ground in Detroit – Oct. 2010, Grassroots Grantmakers (online community manager, facilitator, staff, documenter)

“Great opportunity to learn from other more established Community Foundations on how they have integrated a Donor Services approach to the family philanthropy needs within their organizations. Lots of informative takeaways from Tony Macklin that I will take back to our Board for discussion as we move towards implementing more legacy giving strategies.” – attendee at Community Foundations of Canada conference

For nonprofits and community leaders

  • Impact Investing Marketplace symposium panelist – 3/2/17, 2017 Sustainability, Ethics & Entrepreneurship Conference
  • Navigating 21st Century Giving Trends workshop – 12/5/14 and 11/18/15, Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management
  • Doing More with Less: Meet the Lean, Keen Nonprofits of the 21st Century session – 10/30/14, TechNow conference
  • Navigating the Philanthropy Zone workshop – 4/22/14, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Nonprofit Resource Center
  • Tackling Your Grant Dilemmas panel – 9/25/13, Grant Professionals Association Western PA Chapter
  • Disruptive Forces at Play That Will Redefine Your Organization and Create Opportunity panel – 6/23/13, 2013 Nonprofit Summit, The Forbes Funds
  • Foundations & Donors: Create a Lasting Partnership workshop – 3/14/13, Community Technical Assistance Center CORE Series

 “Finally a session where development professionals were treated as colleagues and not as a crowd waiting to storm the gate. Tony Macklin is an amazing speaker and I wonder/hope there is some way for Pittsburgh to keep in touch with him.” – attendee at Navigating 21st Century Giving Trends session