4. For What Results and Learning?

My experience is that every generous person and organization wants to have an impact and to improve over time. But, they often see evaluation and performance management processes as too costly, restrictive, or complex. Inspired by the results-based accountability movement and Mario Morino’s Leap of Reason, I’m biased toward simple evaluation and learning frameworks that can be implemented well. I help clients:

  • Learn, choose from, and/or adapt from the many existing tools and philosophies for assessing the quality, effectiveness, and impact of nonprofits, social enterprises, collaboratives and networks, and socially-minded investments.
  • Develop internal measures for quality and performance for philanthropy programs.
  • Develop internal learning agendas and facilitate site visits, retreats, learning circles, and other educational programs.
  • Develop, facilitate, and speak at nonprofit training programs and learning communities (see more here).


funny logic chart
Evaluation Doesn’t Have to Look Like This…